Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by and checking out all our unique, handpicked items here at Style To Go! I’m Melissa, and my stepdaughter, Lillian and I are the owners.

Crazy story, but we actually started this business totally on a whim! After I left my corporate job. I was looking for a more satisifying career and Lillian, who was searching for her first summer job at the time, was along for the ride.

We began with small pop-ups and local events and quickly fell in love with the customers and the community. Before we knew it, our business was expanding!

Thanks to Lillian’s Gen-Z style and my love for millennial fashion, we always have unique items for everyone! So we’re always on the lookout for more markets, pop-ups, and events to attend.

We appreciate all the support everyone has given us to help our business continue to grow, and we can’t wait to WOW you further!

Enjoy your shopping today!

xoxo, Melissa